$65 introductory 55 minute massage for first time clients!

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Stronghold Massage & Wellness

Welcome to Stronghold Massage & Wellness Sports/injury/Therapeutic Massage in Denver

What to expect at stronghold massage

About your session

As the majority of clients are accustomed to the “spa" setting massage, expect deeper and specific pressure with a sports, injury and therapeutic massage. All though it doesn’t have to be painful, please understand that at times you may be pushed close to the edge of your comfort zone. Open communication between us ensures that the pressure is appropriate and effective.

What to wear during session

We will always ask you to dress down  to your comfort level, however during Sports and Injury massage sessions you may be asked to wear viewing clothes (sports bra or tank top and shorts or yoga pants) . This allows us to check on progress real time as you will need to stand up during session.


Two monthly massages are recommended  as part of your regular wellness program to help aid in relief of tension, pain, increase performance, reduce  recovery time and to help minimize injuries.